World's Most Awarded
Label Printer

Our position as the international leader in premium labels has never been stronger. Year after year Multi-Color's leadership is recognized as one of the most highly awarded in the industry for technical achievement in our products.

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  • 2014

    Premier Print Awards
    The Benny (Best of Category) - Farella
    Award of Recognition -
    Doṅa Paula 1100
    Award of Recognition - Wild Oats

    packagePRINTING Excellence Awards

    First Place - The Virgilius
    First Place - Windy Peak - Brut Cuvee
    First Place - Old Money
    Second Place - Molive Oil
    Second Place - Studio - Pinot Grigio
    Second Place - Wild Oats
    Second Place - Fanny Lime Head
    Third Place - Prancing Pony - Thoroughbred
    Third Place - Cormack & Co.

    FINAT Awards
    Best in Group - La Bohème
    Category Winner - Pocketwatch Cabernet Sauvignon
    Category Winner - La Bohème

    European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA)
    Bronze - Beefeater UK Ltd Edition Back

    Visual Media Alliance Showcase Awards
    Grand Award - Angostura Premium Rum Gift Box
    Best in Category - Duke
    Best in Category - Farella
    Gold - Aldonza
    Gold - Avalon
    Gold - Chehalem
    Gold - Encosta
    Gold - Monarch
    Gold - Pacific Rim Dry Riesling
    Gold - Korbel XS Extra Smooth California Brandy
    Gold - Matusalem Rum
    Gold - Mumm Napa Cuvée M
    Silver - Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc
    Bronze - Posiflex Awareness Campaign

    Gold Ink Awards
    Gold - Hellyers Road, The Gorge Single Malt Whisky
    Gold (Digital Printing) - Michael & David's Freakshow
    Silver (Digital Printing) - The Primrose Path, Shiraz 2013
    Silver (Digital Printing) - Talbots Block, The Saltan 2012

    TLMI Awards
    Best of Show - The Girl and the Dragon, Malbec
    Best of Class Digital - Freakshow, Cabernet Sauvignon
    Best of Class Offset Wine & Spirit - Pacific Rim Mystic Blend
    Best of Class Flexography - The Girl and the Dragon, Malbec
    First Place - Sipsmith Summer Cup
    First Place - Mythology, Cabernet Sauvignon
    First Place - On the Fly, Chardonnay
    First Place - Fanny Lime head, Riesling
    First Place - India Red Ale Thoroughbred
    First Place - Wild Oats, Sauvignon Blanc
    First Place - Dulux Rapidry
    First Place - LR Aloe Vera Sun Spray
    First Place - Original Ripe Chinese Date Honey
    First Place - Mao Men’s Multi-Vitamin
    First Place - Favia, Syrah Amador
    First Place - Freakshow, Cabernet Sauvignon
    First Place - Luna Nuda, Italia Prosecco
    Second Place - Sawmill Creek, Pinot Grigio
    Second Place - Ariel Power Liquid
    Second Place - The Primrose Path, Shiraz
    Second Place - Speed Stick Gear

    National Print Awards Australia
    Gold - Ministry of Icecream Mango Sorbet
    Silver - Wahgunyah
    Silver - Ministry of Icecream Mango Sorbet
    Bronze (Digital Printing) - Buona Cucina Sausages

    FSEA Gold Leaf Awards
    Gold - Angostura 1919 Premium Rum
    Silver - Ron Matusalem Rum
    Bronze - Pacific Rim Dry Riesling

  • 2013

    Gold Ink Awards
    Gold - Greenlip Sauvignon Blanc
    Gold (Digital Printing) - Wren Hop
    Bronze (Digital Printing) - Franciscan Estate

    Premier Print Awards
    Award of Recognition - Arrow & Branch

    FINAT Awards
    Group Winner - Havana Club Añejo Reserva
    Category Winner - Carnival Love
    Category Winner - The Convict
    Category Winner - Havana Club Añejo Reserva

    packagePRINTING Excellence Awards
    First Place - Suavitel
    First Place - The Convict Australian Strong Ale
    First Place - Redkin For Men - Go Clean
    First Place - Jansz Vintage Rosé
    First Place - Michael David "Lust" Zinfandel
    First Place - Yalumba Organics Chardonnay
    First Place - Meantime
    Second Place - Brown Bros. - Chenin Bianco
    Second Place - Mollydooker Carnival Love
    Second Place - Duck Sauce
    Third Place - Napa Naturals Balsamic
    Third Place - Pocket Watch
    Third Place - Hither & Yon

    Excellence in Flexography
    Gold - Sutter Home Moscato
    Bronze - DGB Bellingham Big Oak Red

    Flexo Technical Association Awards - South Africa

    Gold - De Wetshof, Limestone Hill
    Silver - E Snell & Co, Oude Molen 100 Reserve

    European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA)
    Gold - Beefeater Gin
    Silver - Beefeater Inside London

    Gravure Association of America (GAA)
    Golden Cylinder Award - Jack Daniels / Winter Jack

    Visual Media Alliance Showcase Awards
    Best in Category - Circadia
    5 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze

    World Label Awards Association
    Gold - Ministry of Icecream
    Gold - Jackson-Triggs Proprietor's Selection Shiraz
    Gold - Farella Malbec 2009
    Gold - St Leonards-Wahgunyah
    Gold (Digital Printing) - Wren Hop Vineyards Pinot Noir 2011

    TLMI Awards
    Best of Class (Digital Printing) - Wren Hop, 2011 Pinot Noir
    Best of Class - Farella, 2009 Malbec
    First Place - LR Mind Master
    First Place (Digital Printing) - Bushranger Chardonnay
    First Place - Pechoin Florida Water

    First Place - Dulux Colours of the World

    First Place - Ajax

    First Place - TWOJ Prezent

    First Place - Oddka Red

    First Place - Talisker Dark Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    First Place - Brown Brothers Chenin Bianco

    First Place - Mollydooker Carnival of Love, 2011 Shiraz

    First Place - Jansz, Vintage Rose 2009

    First Place - (Digital Printing) - Wren Hop, 2011 Pinot Noir
    First Place - Perrigo Parent’s Choice Infant Formula

    First Place - Colgate Speed Stick
    First Place - Jackson-Triggs Proprietors’ Selection Shiraz

    First Place - Farella, 2009 Malbec

    First Place - Dream No. 7 Pinot Grigio

    Second Place - Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food
    Second Place - Colgate Speed Stick
    Second Place - Farella, 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Second Place - Circadia, 2011 Chardonnay

    PICA Australia
    Gold – Te Wahi
    Gold - Mollydooker Carnival Of Love
    Gold - Buona Cucina Hot Sausage
    Bronze - Rosemount Little Berry
    Bronze - Bundaberg Royal Liqueur
    Bronze - Talbots Block The Sultan
    Bronze - Fruitylicious

    National Print Awards Australia
    Silver – CraigMoor
    Bronze - Windy Peak

  • 2012

    World Label Awards Association
    Gold - Lite n' Easy Roast Chicken Linguine
    Gold - Steel Reserve Lager
    Gold - Win an iPad

    FINAT Awards
    Best in Show - Le Pich
    Best in Group - Le Pich
    Category Winner - Christobel's
    Category Winner - Le Pich

    packagePRINTING Excellence Awards
    First Place - Scope Dualblast Mouthwash
    First Place - Ol' Bluey
    First Place - Crest Pro-Health Clinical Mouthwash
    First Place - Luscious White
    First Place - Craigmoor
    First Place - Parawa Classic
    Second Place - Bundaberg 100 Proof
    Second Place - 9th Chamber
    Second Place - Smith & Hopper
    Second Place - Christobel's
    Third Place - Rage
    Third Place - Eden Springs
    Third Place - Rosemount Diamond
    Third Place - The Ringmaster General

    Excellence in Flexography
    Gold - Freak Show
    Gold - Murphy-Goode Liar's Dice Zinfandel
    Silver - Primal Roots 2010 Red Blend

    Gravure Association of America (GAA)
    Golden Cylinder Award - Downy Simple Pleasures

    Gold - Lite n' Easy Roast Chicken Linguine
    Gold - Win an iPad
    Gold - Craigmoor
    Gold - Yalumba Organics Chardonnay

    Taiyo Cup Asia Label Awards
    Bronze - Huadong Parry

    First Place – Beefeater Gin

    Gold Ink Awards
    Gold - Arrow and Branch
    Silver - Christobel's
    Silver (Digital Printing) - Gain

    Premier Print Awards
    Award of Recognition - Le Pich

    TLMI Awards
    Best of Show - Le Pich
    First Place (Digital Printing) - Dry Creek
    First Place - Steel Reserve Lager
    First Place - Beefeater Inside London Limited Edition
    First Place - Tide Pods
    First Place - Beefeater
    First Place - Killawarra Moscato
    First Place - Bundaberg Original Rum
    First Place - Rage
    First Place - Pearly Bay
    First Place - Rosemount
    First Place - Le Pich
    First Place - Craigmoor
    First Place - Christobel's
    First Place - Sani-Cloth
    First Place - Lean Ground Beef Patties
    Second Place - Palmolive Naturals Shampoo
    Second Place - Miller High Life
    Second Place - Blue Moon Farmhouse Red Ale
    Second Place - Mobil SHC
    Second Place - Fire Eater Hot Cinnamon
    Second Place - Yellow Label
    Second Place - Arrow & Branch
    Second Place - The Ringmaster General

    PICA Australia
    Gold – Craigmoor
    Gold - 9th Chamber
    Silver - Aurelia
    Silver - Tomfoolery Artful Dodger
    Bronze - Ol' Bluey
    Bronze - Aurelia (embellishments)

    In Mold Decorating Association
    Best Label Design - Gain Liquid Detergent

  • 2011

    Premier Print Awards
    The Benny (Best of Category) - Wren Hop Coronation
    Award of Recognition - The Long View Sparkling Wine Society

    packagePRINTING Excellence Awards
    First Place - Ballabourneen
    First Place - Bremerton
    First Place - Watermark
    First Place - Dial NutriSkin Lotion
    First Place - L'Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow
    Second Place - Tide Plus a Touch of Downy
    Second Place - Wynn Dream Vodka
    Second Place - Jamiesons Run
    Second Place - Carlton Natural
    Second Place - Chandon Cuvée Riche
    Second Place - Chandon Brut Rose
    Second Place - In Situ
    Third Place - Johnnie Walker Red Label
    Third Place - Overloaded
    Third Place - Pepper Leaf Black Shiraz
    Third Place - Box Head
    Third Place - Wisk Stain Spectrum
    Third Place - Downy Ultra with Fabreze
    Third Place - Downy Simple Pleasures Citrus Spice Glow
    Third Place - El Cortigo Mahon Cheese

    PLGA Print Quality Award
    Best of Show US - Noni Maui Health Juice
    Category Winner - Arizona Arnold Palmer Mix
    Category Winner - Tide Stain Release
    Category Winner - Henry Weinhard's Hefeweizen
    Category Winner - Coca-Cola Returnables
    Category Winner - Noni Maui Health Juice
    Honorable Mention - Colgate Max Fresh Cooling Crystals
    Honorable Mention - Febreze Air Effect Bundle Pack
    Honorable Mention - Downy Simple Pleasures
    Honorable Mention - Downy Simple Pleasures Orchid
    Honorable Mention - Snuggle Exhilerations
    Honorable Mention - Purex Mountain Breeze
    Honorable Mention - Sunlight Contest Cap
    Honorable Mention - Oxy Clean Stain Remover
    Honorable Mention - Gain Dreamy Desire

    Industrial Graphics Association of Chile
    Gold - Nuevo Mundo
    Silver - Musette

    World Label Awards Association
    Gold - Wren Hop
    Gold - Baileys Mudslide

    Gold Ink Awards
    Gold - Wren Hop
    Silver - Thistle Hill
    Bronze - In Situ

    FINAT Awards
    Best in Show - Kenwood Artist Series
    Best in Group - Kenwood Artist Series
    Category Winner - Kenwood Artist Series

    TLMI Awards
    First Place - L'Oreal Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty
    First Place - Wisk High Efficiency
    First Place - Zerex Extended Life Antifreeze
    First Place - Colt 45
    First Place - Pale Moon
    First Place - Downy Silk Touch
    First Place - Caprice Especialidades Hair Spray
    First Place - Baileys Mudslide
    First Place - Genesis Premium Apple Cider
    First Place - Blackstone Sonoma Reserve
    First Place - Chandon Cuvée Riche
    First Place - Thistle Hill
    First Place - Wren Hop
    First Place - Box Head
    First Place - Diseño
    Second Place - Santa Barbara Collection
    Second Place - Bremerton
    Second Place - Nautilus
    Second Place - Kenwood Artist Series
    Second Place - Artesa
    Second Place - Castrol Syntec Gear Oil
    Second Place - Bick's Sweet Green Relish
    Second Place - Leinenkugel's Limited

    Gravure Association of America (GAA)
    Golden Cylinder Award - Caprice Aloe Vera

    FSEA Gold Leaf Awards
    Gold - Le Pich

    Best in Show - Yalumba Christobel's